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Steffan Lewis and his family lives near Edinburgh, Scotland.

Steffan and his wife Barbara are major global influencers within in the food industry. With a background in broadcasting, media, aviation and sub marine technology, he has most recently applied his expertise to the development of the EatBy App.

He lives by the moto: Live on a mission.

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I am passionate about food and have a great many interests from technology and engineering to philosophy and astronomy. I have followed an interesting and varied career path which includes film making, flying Boeing 737s, flight instructing, working in as an architectural technologist, managing a large music venue and, most recently, operating a Remotely Operated Vehicle for underwater observation/camera work. I’m also lucky enough to have access to a bolt hole where I can disappear to write!

I describe myself as a foodie techno geek adventurer with an endless collection of gadgets, an eye for design and a love of anything unusual. My friends and family describe me as larger than life and a little bit different. I’m yet to decide if that is complimentary.

Technical skills include web design, graphic design, photography, sound and music production, film editing and writing copy. I am an Adobe licensee, competent with the software in the Adobe CC suit and familiar with the Celtx writing software, having written a number of screenplays and short stories. My wife and I have spent the last year designing and developing the EatBy App.

As expected, I am well equipped with geeky expertise that I have transferred from aviation and operating underwater ROVs. I am knowledgeable in jet, prop, and turboprop propulsion systems, meteorology, radio theory and operation, navigation, aerodynamics and principles of flight (which also applies to fluid dynamics), GPS, radio navigation and law. I have helped build a number of aircraft, and have also restored a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit. Other engineering projects have included building an electrically powered river boat while I lived in Oxford, a six man hovercraft, and a number of small scale steam engine projects. I built my first long wave radio transceiver at the age of 14 and have built all my own PCs since 1996.


  1. Steffan, Really intrigued by what your site indicates you do. I want to learn more and share with you. Is there such a thing as a Scot-ophile? Because my best family travel toured Scotland and in love with what we experienced, we longed for what is left yet to see.
    Most intrigued by your intersection of multi-talents and enterprises. Very best to you in everything. Will want to learn of your progress and urge you on. I am about to launch into promoting authors and artists. Will advise. Sincere best to you, Bob D.

    Bob (Robert)Dromboski

  2. Hi Steffan:

    My name is Fernando Albertorio, a researcher at Harvard University and a co-founder of a new ‘disruptive’ publishing company called Libboo. I’ve visited The Steffan Lewis Blog and we are looking forward to reading the first of your novels in September. I would like to introduce myself.

    Libboo is a start up, based in Boston MA, out of the award winning MassChallenge Accelerator program. We’re partnered with Barnes & Noble, Amazon and some of the world’s largest publishers on finding new ways of creating and publishing. We currently work on various projects with a few bestselling authors like Richard Wiseman, and independent authors.

    I’m hoping we can connect and see if there is any way we can work together.


    Co-Founder Libboo Inc.
    One Marina Park Dr., 14th Floor
    Boston, MA 02210

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